Couple create charity to match refugees with job opportunities

A few years ago, Mary Louise Cohen and her husband, Bruce, decided to leave their high-powered jobs in Washington and spend a year at Harvard University developing a concept for a new charity.

Ms. Cohen had spent 25 years as a lawyer specializing in whistle-blowers, while Mr. Cohen served as legal counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee. They’d spent years working with other charities, but the Harvard fellowship gave them a chance to come up with their own idea.

They soon discovered an intriguing challenge related to the Syrian refugee crisis; refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere were full of highly skilled people with nowhere to go. “I knew there were countries around the world that desperately needed talent,” Ms. Cohen recalled from her office in Washington. “Why isn’t somebody moving these skilled people?”

They came up with Talent Beyond Boundaries in 2016, a non-profit organization that matches employers with refugees. The group has compiled a database of 10,000 skilled refugees, and the employers do the hiring. They interview candidates over Skype or in person in Beirut and put many through tests to assess their skills.

Read the full story at The Globe And Mail. 
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