Edgar Sandoval: Diversifying the nonprofit world and empowering women

He arrived in the US with $50 in his pocket. Now he’s changing the world. But between those times, World Vision’s new president, Edgar Sandoval, worked his way through Procter and Gamble, eventually running a campaign to change what we mean when we say someone fights, runs or throws “like a girl.”

Now he’s doing the same kind of work to empower girls at World Vision through the Strong Women, Strong World campaign begun by his predecessor, Rich Stearns.

Sandoval was responsible for the Global Innovation and Marketing strategies and plans for Procter and Gamble’s $5 billion business across all developed and developing regions. In this role, he met a diverse set of the world’s consumers, customers and employees, people from the modest neighborhood of Mumbai and South Africa to the luxury hypermarkets of Shanghai and Sao Paulo.

Mr. Sandoval held steady to the belief that his biggest role was to build brands that advocate and empower women to live life to their fullest potential.

Throughout his career he played a leading role in inspiring the organization to consider what it is like to walk in the shoes of consumers with diverse backgrounds. But it wasn’t until he went through the Halftime program that he discovered there was a higher calling on these gifts and passions he had found in himself.

Read the full story at Halftime Institute.
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