Podcast: How to slay a dragon

Peter Greer is President and CEO of Hope International, a leading provider of microfinancing around the globe. In this podcast episode, he tells our friends at Faith-Driven Entrepreneur about his ministry to eliminate poverty and why every kingdom endeavor should be seeking to eradicate the works of the enemy.

Poverty is multifaceted. It’s not simply a lack of resources, Peter says. There are spiritual, social, and personal aspects to it. So when Hope International says they’re working to eradicate poverty, they mean they’re committing to fight it in all of its forms. Financial poverty and spiritual poverty are inextricably linked, and freedom from one can help bring freedom from the other.

Peter shares some advice for those working in ministry and leadership, whether its with the poor in the field or right here at home: Learn when you fail. He shares about the many “wonderful failures,” which taught him to keep his eye on his most important roles: husband and father.

And listen closely for why Peter believes that working alone is too dangerous for an entrepreneur or ministry leader. Find out what he means when he says we need a “constellation” of mentors and 3 a.m. friends.

Photo: Poverty, Inc.

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