Manhattan restaurant redefines generous portions, donating 100% of profits

The food is exceptionally good at this vegan, Manhattan restaurant with a celebrity chef. The service is great. And P.S., all of the profits are donated.

“An angel has landed in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen,” one reviewer said because – P.S. – they’re also employing people who can’t find work anywhere. Co-founded by NCF giver, April Tam-Smith, P.S. Kitchen opened about two years ago and, despite being in one of the highest rent districts in the country, is already turning a profit.

This restaurant, specializing in plant-based fare and located between Radio City Music Hall and Times Square, is serving up portions of generosity. P.S. Kitchen not only donates all of its profits, but the enterprise with a social mission also hires employees who are re-entering society from prisons. 

“We employ those who need a second chance. And P.S. – the food is 100 percent plant-based so it’s better for the environment and better for our consumers,” co-founder April Tam Smith told CBSN. 

Smith, also a managing director at a leading investment bank, said her life changed about 10 years ago when she first visited an orphanage in South Africa. A group of 12-year-old girls approached her with a letter, asking her to help them with a list of things – all for other friends at school. 

“I just got to experience seeing their joy in generosity, and also how much generosity is contagious,” Smith said.

She considered quitting her investment banking job and working for a nonprofit, but she experienced a turning point when a friend posed a question: “What if you are meant to be on the trading floor? And what if you are supposed to use that platform for good?” 

Read the full story and see the video at CBS News.

Photo: P.S. Kitchen

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