You don’t need a passport for this mission field

The highest concentrations of unreached people groups are scattered throughout Asia. Approximately three million people worldwide fall into the “unreached” category, according to the Joshua Project, which tracks statistics about who has heard the gospel and who has not.

The data about unreached people seem to imply that the mission field is “overseas only,” but Jamie Wagner of Jesus Film Project says it’s closer than many U.S. believers realize. That’s why his organization created a U.S. Strategy Team to help us spread the gospel a lot closer to home.

What does the U.S. mission field look like?

The JESUS film first premiered in U.S. theaters in 1979. A few years later, Jesus Film Project became involved in making Christ known to the nations. See a full history here.

“In the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, that really innovated missions globally because we could visually bring the gospel in people’s heart language,” Wagner says.

JESUS Film Project exists to engage the watching world with Jesus. With translations of the film in more than 1,500 languages, a library of original narratives, and a digital app to distribute them all, the organization provides Jesus-centric media to meet any ministry need. And now that need is coming here…to our own country.

Read the full story at Mission Network News. 
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