Episode 8: Innovative care for the homeless during COVID-19

With the homeless facing challenges like never before, Love Beyond Walls is quickly innovating to provide hand-washing stations, PPE, and uncommon dignity in the midst of coronavirus.

Inside this episode:

  • The life-changing story of how founder, Terence Lester, lived among the homeless in his Atlanta community to understand the challenges first-hand
  • How Love Sinks In, a nation-wide portable hand-washing campaign, is empowering people on the street with the ability to wash their hands and the basic right of soap and water
  • Their movement to provide PPE to retail and hospitality workers, ministry staff, volunteers, essential workers, and others on the front lines
  • The unique opportunity that Christians have to help wash hands, just like Jesus washed feet, and how God is calling us to wash our hearts to see other people with Samaritan eyes

Links: Love Beyond Walls

Key topics: Terence Lester, Love Sinks In, portable hand-washing stations, homelessness, low-income, PPE for essential workers, Lecrae

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