Hurricane Dorian: How to help with your Giving Fund

As Dorian pulls away from the outer banks of North Carolina and heads northeast, the nation is watching to see if the hurricane is over and what help will be needed by those in the Carolinas and the Bahamas.

In times of natural disasters like this, there is a risk of fraud by people or groups who take advantage of the good intentions of givers who want to help.

But that’s why many givers turn to NCF and use their Giving Funds to mobilize resources for charities providing much-needed help and hope for victims. With support from our researchers at NCF’s national headquarters, our local-office teams in Florida and Georgia have compiled a list of IRS-approved charities that other NCF givers are supporting through their Funds.

Though the storm’s full impact remains uncertain, these charities are actively beginning the work of mobilizing volunteers, supplies, and critical support for Dorian’s victims.

How to give hope from your Giving Fund

Select one of the links below to login to your Giving Fund at NCF and visit the charity’s profile page. From there, you can recommend grants to support their work (using your existing Fund balance or after making a new contribution to your Fund first). If you don’t have a Giving Fund at NCF yet, learn more or open one today.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and only includes charities in NCF’s database that our team knows are assisting in Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. Look for continued updates to this list as we research and add additional on-the-ground charities.

Connect with an NCF Team 

If you need help recommending grants from your Giving Fund or have any other questions, please connect with your nearest NCF local team.

Thank you to everyone who is reaching out in this critical time with prayers and gifts to help those in great need!

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