Giving Tuesday: What to do when you’ve been giving all year

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a relatively new US holiday designed to raise the tide of generosity and to combat the grip materialism holds on America’s holiday season. It’s also, of course, a big fundraising day for charities.

But for some, including NCF givers, it also introduces an interesting dilemma: what should I do for Giving Tuesday, since I’m already giving all year long?

If you are reading this page now, chances are you’re already quite generous. In fact, thousands of individuals and families have used their Funds at NCF to send more than $1.3 billion to charities in 2018 alone.

But even if you’ve faithfully and joyfully given throughout the year, we encourage you to pause tomorrow … to think deeply about how you can leverage your influence – not just for your favorite causes but also for those around you – by joining in honoring Giving Tuesday.

You see, Giving Tuesday is a global movement that encourages generosity. In this season of spending, Giving Tuesday reminds us that sharing what we have changes lives and communities and has the power to change the world. The whole world is looking at generosity today – Christians and non-Christians alike. People who might not give all year long will give on this day.

But real generosity – the ability and the motivation for it – comes from God (Deuteronomy 8:18; 2 Corinthians 9:8-11). So, there is an opportunity here for those of us who already know the joy of experiencing God through giving.

In light of this incredible blessing God has given us to join in his work, here are some things you can do to celebrate Giving Tuesday in a different way:

  1. Pray – Pray that everyone who gives will sense God’s pleasure and turn their hearts completely to him, that even people who do not know him will come to know him on this day. Pray for the charities and churches you love and the people who work in them. Pray for the other people who give to them. Pray that more people will give to them. Use Giving Tuesday to give your prayers, which are more powerful than your dollars anyway.
  2. Reflect – Spend some quiet time with God thinking about your own giving. Are you giving as the Holy Spirit is directing you? Is it time to consider a new strategy with your giving, or give to a different cause? Where is God leading you to give?
  3. Discuss – Take today to talk about giving with your family. Are you in agreement? Do you have a plan for your giving that extends to the next generation? Are your children and grandchildren prepared to be generous in order to carry on your legacy?
  4. Give thanks – God made generosity and embedded joy in it (2 Corinthians 9:8). He’s made you and people all over the world able to give, and he accepts your generosity as worship (verses 12-13). Thank God for his abundance, and pray that you will always steward your portion of it well. And give thanks for the greatest gift of all, the indescribable gift of the life that was given to save yours (verse 15).

Finally, we want to give you some encouragement on Giving Tuesday. If you are tired, even though you’re doing good things in God’s strength, know that God understands. Here are some more words that may encourage you:

Thank you for joining us in remembering Giving Tuesday. We praise God together with you for his generosity, the greatest act of generosity ever, his indescribable gift!

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